Nitro RTR RC Cars

Nitro RTR RC Cars

Nitro RC Cars.

Nitro engine powered RC Cars are for the more experienced RC Enthusiast as they require more maintenance than

Electric Cars & a degree of knowledge to keep their engines "In Tune"

Their main advantage over Electric powered Cars is the ability to have much longer periods of running or "Fun" as you don't have wait for batteries to charge every 10 or 20 minutes typically, just Re Fuel & go again.

The downside is they do require more looking after especially where the Fuel is concerned. The fuel should be drained or Run Dry every time at the end of the days use & After Run Oil put in the Engine to prolong the life of the engine internals.

Nitro Cars are fantastic fun to drive but we would recommend considering the Pro's & Con's before jumping in & buying a Nitro Engine'd Car as your first RC Car.

We are only too happy to advise you in more detail before making a purchase, just Contact Us for free advice.