Bitty Design SW35-3/4E Pre Cut Bodyshell
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Bitty Design SW35-3/4E Pre Cut Bodyshell

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Bitty Design SW35-3/4E Pre Cut BodyshellBitty Design SW35-3/4E Pre Cut Bodyshell  - BD-VIS-SWS35-3EThe VISION project was born from the desire to offer off-road enthusiasts a highly perfo...

Bitty Design SW35-3/4E Pre Cut Bodyshell

Bitty Design SW35-3/4E Pre Cut Bodyshell  - BD-VIS-SWS35-3E

The VISION project was born from the desire to offer off-road enthusiasts a highly performing bodywork thanks to a meticulous design created ad hoc at the forefront of design and style .
Tested for several months on different surfaces and types of slopes, the product combines excellent aesthetics and top-of-the-category performance .

Designed to Win # P1

The VISON bodywork represents  a new reality  for drivers all over the world who compete at the highest levels and  expect  to always obtain  the best  possible performance from their models .

During the months of development and numerous tests on the track we were able to refine the initial project by making aerodynamic changes that made the model easier to drive and more balanced , the comparison on the track with the box stock bodywork showed clearly superior performance.

- VISION - Quality and Performance above all.

Italian excellence

The advanced cab design was designed to increase the insertion in curves but at the same time thanks to the rear slide that descends soft behind the roof, the bodywork is perfectly balanced in its forms giving the model a particularly sinuous and slender line ; the refinement phase took several months to optimize every single detail, the attention to detail was obsessive .

VISION is a body with a futuristic look  that enhances the performance of the model, several hours of development and research have been dedicated to the sides which show a unique and original design of its kind and which perfectly connect with the rear side flaps that guarantee the correct load  aerodynamic optimized also thanks to the showy central flap that guarantees the correct flow of air to the aileron , all these elements have been  specially designed to generate stability and rear traction as well as to make the model balanced and easy to drive.

Features  of the product

The bodywork is designed to be installed on the SWORKz S35-3E / S35-4E chassis.

Made with first choice  Lexan® polycarbonate

Laser pre-cut for perfect execution of the cut and clip holes

Specially designed for housing the Lipo battery

Possibility of opening the holes (as in the photo) for ventilation of the internal electronics

Printed in the Hard version, material thickness 1mm

Sold transparent with external protective film

Included in the package are a couple of pre-cut adhesive cards   and masks for the windows


VISION SWORKz S35-3E / S35-4E Welcome to the future .

3D planning and design Cad 

In order to respect our quality standards, we have not set ourselves any limits and we have created the VISION project, poisoning ourselves with the most advanced graphics and CAD design; this process guarantees a perfection of execution of the shapes and details that cutting-edge machines make with 5-axis CNC milling machines. 

The product that we deliver in the hands of the enthusiast represents the best that can be had on the market today, we exploit and make full use of the most advanced technology to guarantee a result that best represents the Italian manufacturing excellence .