Petrol RTR RC Cars

Petrol RTR RC Cars

Petrol RC Cars

At Present We do not Stock any Petrol RC Cars.

These are Large, Heavy & Fast RC Cars & require a Level of Experience that makes them not really suitable for Beginners.

In general with Spark Ignition Engines rather than Glow Engines as used in Nitro Cars these tend to be less highly strung than their Nitro cousins can be at times.

With Long Run Times on a tank of Petrol you can have extended periods of excitement with these beasts.

The downside however is with their size, weight & power, components are subject to high stresses & so running costs are higher than smaller lighter Cars.

If you have the room to run them & the budget to maintain them properly, there is very little that comes close to driving such a large RC Car as a Large Scale Petrol Car.